Sign up here to Volunteer!

Thank you so much for your interest in the Fairyblossom Festival.  The success of any event relies on the teamwork of many inter-working parts and the Volunteer staff is essential!

Here are some of the duties that you can help us cover as a part of our team:

  • Front Gate (Greeters, Ticket Booth, Village Criers with Good Lungs!)
  • Relieving Vendors / Booth Breaks / Running Messages
  • General Ambiance (interacting with public)
  • Site Maintenance (Trash Collection, General Upkeep Oversight, Duct Tape & Bubblegum Experts)
  • Site Safety (First Aid)
  • Set Up / Take Down
  • Other
    • Game Managers: Hedgehog Hurl, Tug-o-War, Whack-a-Troll, Dross Hunt, Glamour Bomb Battle, Sword in the Stone, Apple Barrel Toss, Frog Prince Dunk

How it Works

For every hour of volunteer service during the Festival, you will earn 1 raffle ticket.  You may use them for yourself, or give them to a friend.  After the Festival is over, we will draw one winner for every prize that is donated.  The more you work, the more chances to win!


To show our appreciation, we’ve teamed up with our Vendors to offer you rewards you can earn for your hard work!  Check out some of the prizes donated!


Donated from The Gilded Quill is this Toadstool quill pen! This red feather has been dotted with embellishing pearls, bedecked with reindeer moss and wrapped around with burlap-style brown ribbon. The pen has a steel nib which is perfect for anyone to use! This little rest is set on a ceramic tile and covered with forest moss. I’ve upcycled a cork to provide a sgentle place to set the nib, and embellished it with a toadstool, acorn hat and a silk fern leaf.

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