Sign up here to Volunteer!

Thank you so much for your interest in the Fairyblossom Festival.  The success of any event relies on the teamwork of many inter-working parts and the Volunteer staff is essential!

Here are some of the duties that you can help us cover as a part of our team:

  • Front Gate (Greeters, Ticket Booth, Village Criers with Good Lungs!)
  • Relieving Vendors / Booth Breaks / Running Messages
  • General Ambiance (interacting with public)
  • Site Maintenance (Trash Collection, General Upkeep Oversight, Duct Tape & Bubblegum Experts)
  • Site Safety (First Aid)
  • Set Up / Take Down
  • Other
    • Game Managers: Hedgehog Hurl, Tug-o-War, Kid’s Quest, Glamour Bomb Battle,  Apple Barrel Toss


To show our appreciation, volunteers are invited to join the Stone Soup Potluck, camp out and enjoy the evening’s entertainment complimentary!

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