Wizarding Wand Slinger

Wizarding Wand Slinger Challenge

(Saturday )There in the middle of the path, you happen upon a long-robed, pointy-hat Wizard.  He seems to be practicing with some newfangled sort of “wand” (marshmallow gun).

He challenges you to a duel so that he might practice his spell-slinging skills with this strange new wand.

Can you deflect his puffy projectiles??

This challenge is a part of the Forest Quest, which is available from barkeep at the Tipsy Pixie, or as a part of the Full Weekend Pass.

Game Mechanics

  1. Questers are must pace off with the Wizard, turn and cast their best deflection spell to avoid being hit by the marshmallow gun.
  2. Upon completion of the challenge, each Quester may roll a D10 x 1 to determine the amount of their prize.
  3. Players may earn bonus rolls by using official items (e.g. magic wands, spells, etc.) purchased at the Fairy Market to increase their prizes OR…
  4. …OR Players may collect a portrait Puzzle Piece to solve the mystery of who stole the King & Queen’s dross (coyne)

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