Midsummer Games

Seelie hold the Pennon, can the Unseelie win it??


Get in the 2023 Midsummer Games!

For the last two years running the Seelie have prevailed and taken home the Grand Pennon – can they make it a 3 year streak?


Noble Pursuits are the challenges and skills Fae find it worthwhile to become accomplished at for those that seek to rise in Ranks of nobility.

Noble Pursuit #1

  • Chess: A cerebral game of strategy and tactics. It is believed that proficiency at this game brings with it patience, critical thinking skills, planning and the mobilization of many different attributes to bring a positive outcome.
  • Sport: Includes Elf Shot [Archery], Swordsmanship (Boffer), Munitions (NERF), Wand Dueling (magic wands).  There are many forms of sport and they all increase martial prowess, hand-eye-coordination, speed and accuracy and general physical fitness. 
  • Bardic: A circle challenge of Storytelling, Poetry, Music, Singing, or other performance type recital.  The bardic is believed to encourage the artististic and creative skills as well as those of public speaking and entertaining since the challenges are played out amidst a gathered audience, often by firelight or perhaps even a drum circle. The Fae value artistic skills highly and usually a call for a bardic challenge is a good time for all.
  • Gauntlet:To throw down the gauntlet” means to challenge an opponent.  Perhaps the most complicated of the heroic games. Historically the gauntlet is a glove worn to protect the hand and in olden times, a challenge could be placed by stripping off one’s glove and tossing it on the ground at the feet of the opponent.  In a more modern setting, a wide variety of things could be used as a symbolic “gauntlet” such as a kerchief or favor or in a pinch, anything that one can find to toss at the feet of those to whom they would declare a challenge. If accepted, the recipient would pick up the glove, declare that they accept the challenge and return the glove to the challenger.

Noble Pursuit #2

Questing: The pursuit or completion of some object or goal.  Questing is usually an involved undertaking where the Quester seeks to complete a particular task with the notion of achieving whatever reward may be at the end.  Questing carries with it significance because the Quests are often designed with a specific purpose in mind: to spread magic and enchantment, to demonstrate one’s skill and knowledge in several areas, to figure out a solution to something that may be challenging the Fae, or to find a particular person, place or thing. 

These are only some examples, but Fae are known for Questing for just about anything: “eternal flame”, “enchanted items”, “a true name”, “a ring dropped in the Red Sea”, “secret knowledge”, “learn a skill or talent”, “complete duties or responsibilities”…there are tales of Quests for innumerable things.  Undertaking and completing Quests is something of a bragging point and is necessary if one is to raise their Rank in Fae society.

Noble Pursuit #3

The Wild Hunt: Classically speaking, the Wild Hunt happens twice a year when the fae set out in entourage, riding across the land, led by either the King or Queen.  It is said that they are in search of humans and should someone see them as they ride, that person is snatched up and carried away with the Fae: sometimes forever, sometimes just a period of time.

In these modern times and for the purposes of FaePro, the Wild Hunt refers to recruitment efforts; finding those humans & mundanes who have yet to have their magical s’elf awakened and recruiting them into our community.  Get together a table at a con, bring your friends, inspire acquaintances or even complete strangers to come away with the Fae and join us in our efforts to enchant the world and keep the magic, fantasy and folklore thriving.  Completing The Wild Hunt is one of the qualifiers for gaining Rank in Fae society.

Noble Pursuit #4

Tests of Knowledge: These are a series of quizzes that test your knowledge of our corner of Faerie, designed to demonstrate that you are ready for the rank you hold in both courtly and competition arenas.  You will learn the basics to advanced knowledge of being a FaePro member in a way that can help you direct and mentor newcomers.


NEW!! MAGIC WAND DUEL COMPETITION: If spell-slinging is your thing, then get out your wands and prepare to face off!

BOFFER SWORD FIELD GAMES: Don thy armor and ready thy blade for the field competitions will be underway, marshalled by Captain of the Guard Bjorn Greyheart!

FAIRY MEAT NERF BATTLE: Get out your blasters and crossbows and prepare to engage in field games!

FAIRY QUEST: The Order of the Sceptre summons all brave adventurers who would seek to become defenders of the Kingdom of Storms!

MAGIC the GATHERING: What other card game would magical creatures play?  Hosted by Zarilina & Trolli the Traveling Trades Troll, with handmade prizes!

STONE SOUP POTLUCK: This is the great cook-off!  Whip up your best dish and join our 7pm feast.  The best dish wins the day! For overnight campers and attendees only.

THE WILD HUNT: It’s a fox-phouka hunt! After dark, our foxes will don neon armbands, glow sticks, bracelets and anything glowy. At the sound of the horn give chase through the woods and “capture” them by tagging, and earn a bracelet.  When all foxes are out of neon glowy stuff, which ever Court has collected the most wins!

BARDIC & FAIRYOKE: Can you play an instrument? Sing? Dance?  Then the Bardic is definitely your competition.  Who pleases the crowd best, wins the test!

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