Our Setting

Spring Thaw – The New Kingdoms (Current)
Spring: Beginnings, Progress, Blossoming, New Life and Business, Rebirth

“They tried to bury us.  They didn’t know we were seeds.” –Mexican Proverb

It always begins in darkness, burrowed down deep in the heart of being. Perhaps it is even unaware of its own beginning for it has not yet become self-aware. Stretching, growing, like a drowsy awakening from a long winter sleep it begins to push upward, forth. Every flower must grow through the dirt.

The very same technology that lulled the world into an endless hibernation was embraced by those perennial seedlings of the world. The diaspora of isolated little weeds and wildflowers began to use that tech to connect with one another, no matter the distance between them. They were diverse, and widespread – and they did not appreciate the dead and frozen world that the Long Winter had left for them…