Elf Shot

Many Fae creatures are renowned for their skill with the bows, crossbows or sling shots. We have ranged weapons that are safe for all ages, crafted by a Dwarf named Nurrrf O’Notting – or you can bring your own!

Come to the Elf Shot Range to score points for your Court, challenge someone to a test of skill, or just practice for the Fairy Meat Nerf War.

In Old World folklore, Elfshot or elfshot is believed to be caused by invisible elves shooting invisible arrows at a person or animal, causing sudden shooting pains localised to a particular area of the body. The prevention or curing of elfshot comes from using a charm against the sudden stitch; the three plants used in the cure are feverfew, red nettles and waybread. All have vaguely spear-shaped leaves, which may have suggested their use as a remedy for pains attributed to elf-arrows.


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