Tao of Peg Boardgame Tourney

Tao of Peg Tournament!

What do Backgammon, Go, and Chess all have in common?  They are board games that have stood the test of time.  Built on simplicity but with potential for complexity, these games provide a challenge for all players at all levels.  Tao of Peg is designed to use a combination of luck and strategy to win a in a variety of ways.  Tao of Peg is the perfect game for family fun or for more serious gaming nights.

Hosted by the Tao of Peg game designer Erin Neville at Ascension Gaming we will be having a 5 round tournament of this colorful game over the course of the weekend.

There will be Prize Baskets for every round, PLUS Fairy Coyne for all participants.

Participation in this game tourney is included with the Full Access Weekend Pass!


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