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Fairyblossom_TicketFree1Fairyblossom is a PATRON Supported Event
Join the FaePro Community to get the inside track and reduced ticket prices!

  • Under 6 is FREE Entry

Badges/Camping via Tiered VIP Subscription at:

Subscribe for discounted rates:  https://www.patreon.com/FaeProductions
  1. Priority 1 VIP Status & Rewards: Tuatha & Tir Eolas Academe Levels, $35+/mo
  2. Priority 2 VIP Status & Rewards: The Royal & Gentry Levels $15-20/mo
  3. Priority 3 VIP Status & Rewards: Trouping Faery Level $7/mo
  4. Priority 4 Status: WildFae & Solitary Faery Levels $3-5/mo

Get better camping & parking spots as well as your VIP swag bag and in-game bonuses and clues!

NOTE: ALL attendance & camping space is ultimately limited to venue capacity.  If we reach capacity at an event, Patreon members will be given priority entry/wait-listing over the general public.

Patreon Patrons & YouTube Members earn Dross (XP) Monthly!

What is Dross? Dross our version of “Fairy Coyne” or XP/Credits (experience-points). It is how we reward volunteers, members, participants and supporters in general.

Dross is SPENDABLE in many different ways:

  1. Refill Enchanted (Magic) Items for in-game use
  2. Bid in Dross-only Auctions
  3. Barter & Trade with others
  4. Donate it to your court to win competitions
  5. Cash it in for coupon discounts at The Gilded Quill

How do I get Dross? You can obtain Dross in several different ways:

  • Be a Patreon Patron at a Dross-earning level (Trouping Fairy or higher).  Each month, we roll a d10 for you and award you that number of dross into your Vault.
  • Be a Member on our YouTube (Fairy Circle or higher).  Works same as above.
  • Complete Quests
  • Attend Hedge Games on Discord.  1st Thursdays, 8pm – Midnight pst.
  • Attend virtual LiveStream events such as Cyber Samhain, virtYULE, NYE Snowball, Imbolc Fairylight, etc.
  • Attend volunteer meetings
  • Attend work parties
  • Participate in dross-earning games or challenges at events
  • Buy it outright at The Gilded Quill

How do I know how much I have?
Your dross is tracked online, in the Fe Vault, under the tab with your name.  You can check this at any time, as well as see conversion rates, and a master list of all dross-earning events ever.

Is Dross transferable?
Yes.  If you have a dross balance, you can wheel and deal with whomever you like to transfer balances.  The only requirement is that you report this exchange (to: princesslolly@faeproductions.com or to the Beancounter if at a live event) so that it can be recorded accordingly in your Fe Vault.

What if I lose it?

  • Dross in your Fe Vault is virtually tracked so you cannot “lose” it unless you use it.
  • If you have physical dross pieces, and you lose them, you have lost them.

2018 Event Pin (Year 4): $4.99 Blackberry Leaf, approximately 3″ wide. Hand stamped metal, by Red Wolf Studios.  We chose a blackberry leaf because this was the first year of raising the Hedgerow around the gates of the festival.  Crossing the Hedge is symbolic of entering and leaving the Faerie realm.

2016 Event Pin (Year 2): $1.99 Green Leaf, approximately 2 inches wide and cut on green acrylic. Lettering embellished by hand. We continued simple green leaves with different font, like a tree budding.

2015 Event Pin (Year 1): $1.99 Green Leaf, approximately 2 inches wide and cut on green acrylic. Lettering embellished by hand. We started with a humble green leaf for the springing of a new event.

We are able to make this happen through community support via our Patreon. A little from each makes it great for all!

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