Dwarven Forge

Hawk’s Forge is run by this OW the Orc.  He has made a name for himself around the Village of Fairyblossom as a very gregarious and outgoing blacksmith.

OW the Orc specializes in creating historically forged items but is also renowned as a Faery Coyne flattener, a minter of magical money, a hammerer of ha’pennies!

Do you find yourself with pockets full of dross that need a good ironing out?  OW is the Orc to help you out and you can hear his anvil ring all day as he pounds and flattens away.

While you wait, you might ask if he has heard any gossip of late about who may have stole the King & Queen’s gold!

Once your fairy coyne is appropriately flattened, you may proceed to return it to your liege to help your court win Grand Pennon, barter it at Goblin Town, spend it on prizes, use it to vote at the Stone Soup Potluck or for the best Bard at Fairyoke – or howsoever else you can manage to use it!


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