Magic the Gathering Tourney

The SECOND Magic the Gathering Tourney!

Calling all witches and wizards! Come one, come all to our Second Annual MTG Tournament! Show your King and Queen what you are made of! Duel your fellow faefolk in epic magical battles. There’s a plethora of Dross and prizes to be won!

The Basics

Time: Saturday, June 26th, from 6pm – 10pm
Location: Fireside tables, in the hotel’s main lobby
Cost: Free!
Magic Format: Commander
Groupings: 4-players per pod
Time: 1 hour per round.
Rounds: 2 rounds, random pairings.
Scoring: Seelie-themed format. (See below)
Prizes: Grand-prizes for top 3; dross-rolls for all participants (See below).


Tournament structure consist of 2 rounds of randomized matchmaking, followed by a final round of just the top-4 highest-scoring players.

Top-4 is determined via points accumulated across both rounds. These points do not influence the second-round matchmaking, which is done randomly. Rounds are time-limited. For the final round: most players are eliminated, and the top-four players play one final match. Grand Prizes are awarded to the top 3 players.


  • Defeating an opponent with 21-Commander-damage: 3 Points.
  • Defeating an opponent with any other form of combat damage: 2 Points.
  • Defeating an opponent, or winning the game, with any other method: 1 Point.
  • Defeating the final opponent, thus winning the game, is worth Double Points (i.e. +6pts or +4pts or +2pts).


Tourney is run by our Game Master, Sir Bumble. Additionally, a DCI-certified Magic Judge will be present to handle rules disputes.

Seelie Heraldry


This tournament is Seelie-theemed (Unseelie are of course welcome to play too!).

The Seelie value honour, chivalry, order, and tradition. For a Seelie Fae, there is no pleasure in defeating a foe with subterfuge or treachery.

Within the MTG game of Commander/EGH: your deck’s Commander is supposed to represent you. Your other creatures are your minions, but your commander is YOU. With that in mind: this scoring system is designed to reward you for fighting like a Seelie — with honor, chivalry, and individualism, by defeating your opponents “yourself”. Hence the emphasis on 21-commander damage.

Dross Rewards

  • As a baseline reward for participation: all players get 1 dross-roll per round played.
  • An additional dross roll is awarded to the winner of each pod.
  • Players who scoop* recieve no dross rewards.

* Scoop means to quit early. Loosing by being defeated is not the same as scooping.

Note: Dross rewards are separate from tournament score. Dross rolls do not affect your tournament standing.

Grand Prizes

To be announced.

Seelie-Format Magic tourneys always feature special awards for the top-3 scoring players.










 prize 1  prize 2  prize 3
First place prize: TBA Second place prize: TBA Third place prize: TBA

Prizes will be announced a few weeks/months before each tournament. Prizes will be posted on our Facebook page, Discord, and right here on this webpage.

Ladder Awards

Tournament participation contributes to a player’s ladder progress in the Order of Moonshadow.