Cascadia Mythos is an upcoming web series about magic and mythology in the Pacific Northwest.

Set in the Pacific Northwest the story follows the characters Ashlynn Arthur (Laura Welsh) and Parisa Riker (Sarah Ansley Mattocks) as they discover a world of magic and mystery.

Join them in Puck’s Playhouse to get sneak previews of trailers and clips from the series!

Bryan Sapphire: A circus-trained, juggling, clowning, fire eating, balloon specialist, and escape artistry.  He is a member of the Academy of Magical Arts, Inc. The Magic Castle, CA.  If you haven’t seen him balance the rolla-bolla whilst throwing bowling pins in the air, you’ll want to be sure to stop in and see his fun-tastic show at our event! :).



Join FaeAna’s Fairytales at festival this year as she shares the magic of reading at story time time!

FaeAna is a cousin to the Neverland Faeries. She traveled far across the sea and now lives in her garden in the enchanting Emerald City. Her best friend is small dragon named Twig and he loves fairytales too, especially ones about dragons.

In addition to Fairytales, they love flowers, gardens, bubbles, rainbows, dancing, exploring, waterfalls, and cloud gazing. They can be found wondering around the land in magical events sharing stories and treasures with little ones. You can also hear some of FaeAna’s stories on the magic box called YouTube or follow my adventures on Facebook.

Goblin Town is a small & sinister posse of dark creatures that entertain at themed events throughout the year. Come try our stew!

Have you any Fairy Coyne to trade?  We will barter with that too!



Mystery_Soda_2018Featured on Dr. Demento, Mystery Soda is  an acoustic-ish rock band with influences from psychedelic, folk and punk rock.

Their lyrics are often humorous, usually geek and pop culture related, and sometimes spiritual and living in the realms of the faerie folk. If you like to laugh, dance, and talk about geeky things and pop culture, this is the band for you!

Riona is a beloved NW renfaire and festival busker and singer.  She specializes in traditional Irish Celtic songs.  Listen closely and you’ll hear the leaves of the trees singing along with her sweet voice. 🙂