Hedge LARP

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Aerwyna_145Fairyblossom Midsummer is part of a larger LARP (live-action role-play) game called the Hedge Chronicles, an Urban Fantasy LARP that is the unifying thread in all FaePro events. This is the annual summer festival of games where the Seelie & Unseelie courts engage in sportsmanlike competitions to see who will win the Grand Pennon for the year.

  1. Get Started with the Persona Creation Document: We use a very simple system for Persona Creation so that you can dive right into games & events off-the-cuff. We focus on the theatrical portrayal, so your persona is only limited to whatever you can imagine and bring to life. If you can find it in folklore and stories, and it calls to you, we invite you to step into it. 
  2. Arm Thys’elf with a d10 – this is how you will earn Dross (XP) & resolve challenges
  3. Shuffle off thy mortal coil and join the FAE side!  If you’re ready to just dive in and start earning title and rank, then we invite you to check out the Handbook, our Wiki and join the Patreon.

Intended Audience: Adults and adults with family (not limited but best suited to ~10yo+).  Our events and activities are geared largely toward adults who haven’t outgrown the fun of Neverland, are captivated by the surreality of Wonderland and love the enchantment, folklore and glamour of Faerieland.  It is intended for those who love storytelling, world-building, gaming, questing, costuming, live-action immersion eventing, for themselves and who wish to include their families in these traditions to weave incredible shared-story experiences.

Diversity: We are a group of diverse individuals, creating and participating in a community by sharing and reveling in all our fantastical glory.  We aim to create an environment where everyone can comfortably be whoever and whatever they are, so long as it does not seek to infringe or assert itself upon others.  Respect pronouns, respect personal space, respect consent.

Consent Based RP: We offer consent-based events and narrative play.  Yes means yes, everything else means no; each person is responsible for communicating for themselves, and for respecting the communicated boundaries of others. All challenges, scenes, and other interactions take place at the consensual discretion of the individuals involved.

Please remember to honor the personal space of one another.  Do not touch people without their consent and permission – this includes hand-shakes and hugging!  “Are you a hugger?” is a thing! and no shame to those who aren’t feeling it.


Spring Thaw – The New Kingdoms (Current)
Spring: Beginnings, Progress, Blossoming, New Life and Business, Rebirth

“They tried to bury us.  They didn’t know we were seeds.” –Mexican Proverb

It always begins in darkness, burrowed down deep in the heart of being. Perhaps it is even unaware of its own beginning for it has not yet become self-aware. Stretching, growing, like a drowsy awakening from a long winter sleep it begins to push upward, forth. Every flower must grow through the dirt.

The very same technology that lulled the world into an endless hibernation was embraced by those perennial seedlings of the world. The diaspora of isolated little weeds and wildflowers began to use that tech to connect with one another, no matter the distance between them. They were diverse, and widespread – and they did not appreciate the dead and frozen world that the Long Winter had left for them…