Fairy Court

The Faery Queen & King Welcome You!

You have entered the Realm of Magic…
Are you Seelie, or Unseelie?

High Queen Ounadh
High King Finvarra

Their Royal Majesties Ounadh & Finvarra, High Queen and King of the Sidhe cordially invite one and all to the Fairyblossom Festival 2017!

Wing up and join us inside where you will become immersed and enchanted by the realm of the fae.

All are welcome – so be ye pirates, ninjas, furries, cosplayers, faeries, knights, humans – bring yourself and join us for two days of revelry, games and food and fun!


Members of the Faery Court

fairyblossomfestival2016-617:**:Fairy Princess Lolly:**: is a Seelie Sidhe of the New World.  The Sidhe (pronounced ‘shee’) are the fae nobility from Celtic history.  They are known to be tall and slender, with pointed ears.

She resides in the Duchy of Cascadia, Kingdom of Storms.  This corresponds approximately to the Pacific Northwest on a human map.

Her favorite pastimes are playing music, writing, and generally tormenting Count Morbid.  Princess Lolly loves a good bardic and exciting joust. Rumor has it she loves shiny things.


Count Albin Morbid III Not all Fae embody dreams of joy, light and hope. Do you know what the Sluagh are? In the Western Isles of Scotland the Sluagh (‘sloo ah’), or Unseelie Fairy Host, was regarded as the souls of the dead flying through the air. Sluagh are thought to have the ability to cross the Veil between worlds back and forth, and speak with ghosts. They are the perfect Winter Fairy, preferring tasteless, moldy food, night, and the colder climes.

Count Morbid is a loyal, if gloomy, member of the court. He prefers spider webs and things that skitter behind you in the dark. But it’s mostly in a creepy sense of fun. Mostly.

Leaflock is a fairy hand maiden.  She is a young, New World Piskie, tropical forest fairy who travels with the court. Children especially love to give her hugs and touch her fairy wings to see what they feel like.  Her small stature makes it easy for her to flit around “pixie pinching” unsuspecting humans but never fear!  This is just her way of leading mortals to the FAE Hollow where they can then use their clothes-pin “pinch” to clip a dream to the dream tree.


Ion the Leprechaun is the resident expert in “human magic”, otherwise known as “science”.  In ancient Irish lore, Leprechauns were some of the largest of the Good Folk.  Misrepresented by artists, humans mistakenly think of them as very small.

Being an expert in rainbows, he knows just where the gold is hidden – he may even find it behind your ear! He loves experimenting with gizmos and gadgets.  It is said that he once flooded the basement with Oobleck.

You have to keep your eye on this Leprechaun, otherwise he’s likely to disappear!


Ruun Hidae is an avid collector of trinkets and bobbles.  This satyr is very much an adventurer at heart. He loves traveling to new exciting places and discovering fascinating new treasures with a particular fondness for magical talismans. He’s fallen out of practice with most of his magic in his travels but has been known to sing a bawdy song from time to time. His favorite things are the daily distractions of good friends, good drink and good times.



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