Faërie Court

High Queen Oonah & High King Finvarra Welcome You!

You have crossed the Hedge into the Enchanted Realms…
Are you Seelie, or Unseelie?











Their Royal Majesties Oonah & Finvarra, High Queen and King of the Sidhe cordially invite one and all to the Fairyblossom Festival: Midsummer Games 2021!

Forced to turtle up indoors for a 2021 MIDSUMMER GAMES, the Fae are rising to the challenge! Join us for a weekend of games such as Oh Gnome You Don’t, Magic the Gathering, NERF Archery, Fairy Meat, SuperFight, a Boffer Sword Tourney, LARP Quest Fairy Court and more!

All are welcome – so be ye pirates, ninjas, furries, cosplayers, faeries, knights, humans – bring yourself and join us for two days of revelry, games and food and fun!

Laws of Faërie

  1. Never Lie, Word is Bond. Fae, both Seelie and Unseelie, take the value of their word extremely seriously.  While the Folk may be ticksy with their phrasing, lying is an abomination to even the most mischievous prankster.
    1. a) The Pinky Swear is the most solemn of Oaths-on-the-fly. Faeries must always uphold their promises and oaths
  2. Be Polite.  The Fae detest rudeness.  Please respect the land, nature, each other and honour our diversity.
  3. Never take, Always Trade. No matter what form of currency you use, be it skills, coyne, human money, knowledge, favors, etc. the People always give something in exchange, even if it is the smallest bauble in their pocket.
  4. Confuse, don’t Abuse. Remember, yes means yes and no means no. Fae are tricksy, but honour the boundaries of consent and mutual respect.  An’ it harm none, do as thou wilt.

Rules of Thumb

  • Seelie and Unseelie alike share in the ranks of nobility and give them appropriate respects and honour
  • A good liege should require from their line the duty(ies) which each one can perform
  • Insolence for its own sake is frowned upon and reflects poorly
  • It is supremely unwise, and unadvisable to go about ignoring those of higher rank simply because you are not sworn in fealty to them specifically. An example of a good reason for ignoring a noble of higher rank that is outside your line of fealty would be their request presents a specific conflict or contradiction with your liege or higher ranking previously standing agreements/orders

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