Faery Court

The Faery Queen & King Welcome You!

You have entered the Realm of Magic…
Are you Seelie, or Unseelie?

Their Royal Majesties Ounadh & Finvarra, High Queen and King of the Sidhe cordially invite one and all to the Fairyblossom Festival: Midsummer Games 2018!

Wing up and prepare for the MIDSUMMER GAMES! Have you ever played UFF?? Have you ever been dared by goblins to drink Terrible Tea?  Been given a quest by the great dragon?  Leapt a Balefile?

All are welcome – so be ye pirates, ninjas, furries, cosplayers, faeries, knights, humans – bring yourself and join us for two days of revelry, games and food and fun!

Rules of Faery

  1. Never Take, Always Trade – Faeries never just take anything, even gifts!  Whenever someone gives you something, always be prepared to offer even the smallest token in appreciation.
  2. Pinky Swear – The pinky swear is the most solemn of Oaths. Never swear to what you can’t uphold.


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