Fairy Court

The Faery Queen & King Welcome You!

You have entered the Realm of Magic – are you Seelie, or Unseelie?

Fairy Queen Ounadh
Fairy King Finvarra

Their Royal Majesties Queen Ounadh and King Finvarra, of the Sidhe cordially invite one and all to the Fairyblossom Festival 2017!

Wing up and join us inside where you will become immersed and enchanted by the realm of the fae.

All are welcome – so be ye pirates, ninjas, furries, cosplayers, faeries, knights, humans – bring yourself and join us for two days of revelry, games and food and fun!


Members of the Faery Court

fairyblossomfestival2016-617:**:Fairy Princess Lolly:**: is a Sidhe of the New World.  The Sidhe (pronounced “shee”) are the fae nobility from Celtic history.  They are known to be tall and slender, with pointed ears.








Count Albin Morbid III Not all Fae embody dreams of joy, light and hope. Do you know what the Sluagh are? In the Western Isles of Scotland the Sluagh, or Unseelie Fairy Host, was regarded as the souls of the dead flying through the air. Sluagh are thought to have the ability to cross the Veil between worlds back and forth, and speak with ghosts. They are the perfect Winter Fairy, preferring tasteless, moldy food, night, and the colder climes.

Count Morbid is a loyal, if gloomy, member of the court. He prefers spider webs and things that skitter behind you in the dark. But it’s mostly in a creepy sense of fun. Mostly.


Ion the Leprechaun is the resident expert in “human magic”, otherwise known as “science”.








Ruun Hidae, Satyr







Leonesse_KnightforaDayCome meet the King Finvarra and Queen Ounadh! They will be holding ceremony throughout the day to inducting new Knights into their Court. Become officially knighted for the day and watch epic sword duels in the demo ring (the erics). You may even be called upon to assist the other fighters!

Seelie vs. Unseelie: FIGHT!


 Who will win, Seelie Queen’s Team or Unseelie King’s Team? Traditional folklore tells many a wild tale of how the Faeries love to enchant humankind, and engage them in all kinds of entertainment. Some for dancing, some for music and song – at Fairyblossom 2016, Queen Ounadh and King Finvarra have entranced this band of mortal swordsmen into battling for their courts and entertainment!

Learn about the Legion of Ancient History

Click Crest for More!

Want to see what it was like to live in the age of Kings and Queens?

Come and join us. We are a chapter of L.O.A.H. The Legion of Ancient History. We will take you back to the middle ages and the time of the Renaissance.

Where Knights were bold, Chivarly joined the soul, Ladies were honored and held in high esteem, for without ladies the Realm had no light.
Where the Arts were alive, Science was a wonder and Combat was a sport!

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