Fairy Quest


The Order of the Sceptre summons all brave adventurers who would search for the missing High King!

Parched from your participation in the Midsummer Games, you find your way into the Tipsy Pixie where you are greeted by the proprietor who offers you a beverage to quench your thirst.

As you take a seat on the nearest toadstool, gossip buzzes around you.  All the dross in the Kingdom has has gone missing.  It has been mysteriously scattered throughout the woods and the Fairy King and Queen want it back!

They have offered great reward to any bold and brave Questers who would undertake this challenge –  that means YOU!

The taverner behind the counter tells you that all you need is your Official Certificate to Quest and you and your dungeon party can (if you want to team up with friends), head off into the moss-covered woods to complete challenges and collect coyne for your court and liege!

How to Play

The Mystic Forest Quest is a live, in-person “dungeon crawl” through the wooded trails.  There are a total of 10 challenges that Questers can complete, over the course of the weekend, in order to earn fairy coyne and prizes.

  • Questers begin by purchasing their Quest Certificate at the Tipsy Pixie.
  • Each challenge has two difficulty levels: Easy & Advanced
  • There will be 5 challenges available to play each day
  • Questers can increase the reward they gain in each challenge by using “bonus modifiers”.  Bonus modifiers are approved items purchased in the Fairy Market such as boffers and shields, dragon eyes, nerf weapons, etc.
  • Questers earn dross and prizes based on how many challenges they complete.  They are not required to complete every challenge to earn a prize.
  • Questers can redeem their dross with the King and Queen for a prize at any time.  Prizes will be awarded based on the number of dross redeemed at the High Court.

The Challenges

(NOTE: Challenges are being fully detailed, check back as we add more information!)

  1. Battle of the Ice Giants (Sat)
  2. Mermaid Cove (Sat)
  3. Flower Fairy Garden (Saturday)
  4. Wizarding Wand Slinger (Saturday)
  5. TBD
  6. Cave of Peril-ka (Sunday)
  7. Elf Shot (Sunday)
  8. Pan’s Pipes (Sunday)
  9. Muninn’s Memory (Sunday)
  10. TBD

Advanced Level

How did all the dross go missing from the King and Queen’s coffers?? This is the bonus answer that advanced Questers are in search of.  Each challenge will provide Questers with the opportunity to earn a clue to the answer – can it be puzzled out by the end of the Midsummer Games??

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