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Fairyblossom Festival: Midsummer Games!

Faerie_Tolkein1Returning June 28 – 30, 2019 to gorgeous Red Hawk Avalon! Cross the Hedge and find yourself at…

Fairyblossom Festival: Midsummer Games is the annual competition between the Seelie & Unseelie Fairy Courts!  Which team will you be on??

Join in our zany Faerie games such as the Midnight Wild Hunt & Flowr-bomb War. Root for your favorite sword swinging Knight, drink Terrible Tea with the Goblins, barter your Faery Coyne with the Goblins.  Join a drumming circle and dance around the Balefire!

Fairyblossom is a full weekend event with onsite camping & entertainment for all ages! Shop the The Fairy Market merchants,  meet the Faery King & Queen, feast at our Stone Soup Community Potluck,  camp, participate in the Midsummer Games, visit the Dwarven Forge, enjoy workshops in the Leprechaun Lab and more!!

Produced by Fantasy Arts Entertainment (FAE) Productions, we are a family-friendly, weekend festival celebrating fantasy, myth, magic, beauty, craftsmanship and art! We aim to encourage community, education, and public works – all through the lens of folklore and fun.