Wild Hunt

If you see the Fairy Queen ride out on Midsummer’s Night, look away, look away lest she tempt you astray!

If you see the Fairy King charge forth on Midwinter’s Eve run fast, run fast lest he capture thee!

Infamous in Fairy Lore, the Wild Hunt has been variously described from one region to the next.  In some legend it is the fae, in others it is a host of the dead.  To see the cavalcade of Hunters ride by could omen disaster, or result in your being captured away to faery, or taken to the underworld.

Our game of the Wild Hunt is a little more spirited: it’s a fox-phouka pursuit! At Midnight on Saturday, 3 “Foxes”, arrayed with neon armbands, glow sticks, bracelets, necklaces and anything glowy, shall race off among the forested trails.

At the sound of the horn, the Seelie and Unseelie Teams shall give chase through the woods and “capture” them by touching them them just like the game of tag in spriteling school! Each time you tag a fox, you earn one of their glowing accouterments, and the fox runs free once more.

When all foxes are out of neon glowy stuff, they will return to home base at the Royal Pavillion.

Once all foxes have returned, the horn shall sound and the game is called. Each participant shall receive 1 Faery Coyne per glowing item they captured from a fox. You may use your coyne to give points to your court, trade & barter, save, or whatever else you desire to do with your prize!


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