Elf Shot

Aerwyna_018Sport: Elf Shot (Archery)

Wax_Seal_HeroicGame_ElfShotSport: Sports are one of the 4 Heroic Games of the Fae. These include Elf Shot [Archery], Swordsmanship (Boffer), Munitions (NERF) and Wand Dueling (magic wands).  There are many forms of competitive skills and they all increase martial prowess, hand-eye-coordination, speed and accuracy and general physical fitness.

The Fae are renowned for their skill with the bows, crossbows or sling shots.  Do you think you can bulls-eye the target and become the Kingdom’s best archer??

FUN HISTORICAL FACTS! In Old World folklore, Elfshot or elfshot is believed to be caused by invisible elves20210906_131830 shooting invisible arrows at a person or animal, causing sudden shooting pains localised to a particular area of the body. The prevention or curing of elfshot comes from using a charm against the sudden stitch; the three plants used in the cure are  feverfew, red nettles and waybread. All have vaguely spear-shaped leaves, which may have suggested their use as a remedy for pains attributed to elf-arrows.