Munitions (NERF)

Blaster Battle Games & Challenges

20210905_150207Urban Fae have adapted and evolved with the modern times.  As such, they have added new sports and skills to their famed repertoire of abilities: MUNITIONS!


–NERF weapon of their choice (bring your best, no modification!).  We have a few spares, and they are first come first serve
–Bag or satchel for carrying “body parts”
Gunther_018–ALL AMMO MUST HAVE THE PLAYERS NAME WRITTEN ON IT! We are very diligent about cleaning up our ammo so please mark yours so it can get returned to you.
–Safety Goggles: Please bring your own.  We have a few spares but again, first come.

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Here is the premise of the NERF Field Battles:

Long ago, fairies were [snip] vegetarians. That all changed when [snip] one day they ate meat. The never-before-tasted substance proved addictive, and soon all fairies, [snip] were carving up all manner of flesh to discover the best tasting.

[Snip] Through a series of unfortunate events it was discovered that the best-tasting meat of all was the meat of the fairy.

[Snip] Fairydom was plunged into war as fairies descended into cannibalistic tribes all out to eat each other [snip] hungering for the flesh of their fellows….

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