Festival Wish List

Contributions Come in Many Forms!

In order to make our Festival as splendorous as possible, we are always happy to accept charitable contributions of a non-monetary nature. Our deepest gratitude to all our donors and sponsors – we’ll be happy to include your name and/or business (with links) to any items you contribute!

Bucket List Items We Could Use

  • Volunteers, of course!
  • Gift Baskets Donations, Certificates and Packages
  • Generator
  • ATV for transport around grounds
  • Floral Garlands, Topiaries, Flower Bouquets (silks and “fake” flowers are fine)
  • Garden Decorations such as Gnomes, Flamingos, Gazing Balls, etc.
  • Old Persian rugs, astro-turf or other other carpet/floor covering
  • Collapsible Wooden Benches (or the wood therefor)
  • Sandwich Boards
  • Extension Cords
  • Portable Holes
  • Burlap, Siding, Bulk Fabric (for sheet walling)
  • Clean, good plushies and pillows
  • Food/Water donations for the Stone Soup Potluck or the Tipsy Pixie (snack bar)

Have an item to donate?

Know somewhere, or someone where we might find these items?

Tell Us!

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