Food Court

Meet Our Food Court Vendors!


Æsir Meadery will be providing tasty orange-lemon and other meads to quench thy thirst at Fairyblossom.  Bring your flagon and have a drink!

Located in Everett, WA, Æsir Meadery specializes in hand-crafted meads

sold nationally.  They offer a variety of flavors such as blackberry, lavender-earl grey, vanilla-saffron, and more!


Blacktree Grill will be joining our food court this summer providing you with Artisan bratwurst: elk, bison, rabbit, alligator; crab and shrimp dishes, salmagundi (cold salad), bacon & cheese stuffed peppers, monte cristo sandwiches, pastries, whole fruit, giant pickles, water and soda.

Freedom Snacks Gourmet Popcorn is nationally recognized for creating high quality gourmet popcorn!






Join our Stone Soup Community Potluck!

Labels_for_Education1The Fairyblossom Festival is proud to be a supporter of the Labels for Education program. Bring a can of soup with your ticket purchase and save!

We will be donating all a labels to Cascade Elementary School in Chehalis, and all soup to the local Soup Kitchen!

Come one, come all!

Bring your spoon, your friends and a tasty morsel and the Cold Iron Creamery will stew up some delicious Stone Soup right on sight.

FairyScroll_StoneSoup_Invite1Banquet tables and seating will be provided, all you have to do is bring yourself, a dish, and dig in.  You can even bring your own bowls and utensils to help cut down on disposable wares!

Pearl onions and crisp celery, baby carrots, red radishes and white mushrooms.   Stirring it all together, simmering into a savory broth we’ll add the very last ingredient…our very own magical fairy stone!



Who: You
What: Stone Soup Feast & Community Potluck
When: Saturday, June 20, 7:30 p.m.

Where: Fairyblossom Festival, 2100 National Avenue N, Chehalis, WA

Accept Your Royal Invite Here!

If you plan on attending the banquet and/or contributing a dish please fill out the form below.  This will help us with seating and table headcount.  NOTE: It isn’t required that you bring a dish but in the spirit of community we ask that you bring what you can – ALL are welcome no matter what!

Trestle tables, tangled roots, jeweled piles of Fairy fruits

Where Mice confer with Toads and Foxes, while Bumblebees repair your sockses.”

–The Fairy Market by Charles Van Sandwyk


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