Location & Map

2018 Festival Map of Booths

This year we have an gorgeous new venue.  We are working on the map, please be patient with us!  You can follow updates and contact us on our FB event page with questions!


2018 Craft Merchants

1/2. Ageless Treasures
3.  Wasson’s Whimzies
4/5. Waltz Art & Trade
6. Tinkered by Trade
7. Pixie Dance Hoops
9. Sluagh Shack
11 – 14. Fairy Court 1
15. Game of Threads
16. Mabel by Design
17/18. Fire & Flame Sundries
19. Kiwi’s Terpicles
20. Willow-the-Wisp
21/22. Sher-leas Fantasy Candles & Live Demos
23-25. Fairy Court 2
27/28. Tupperware
29. The Enchanted Face Painter
30. Fairy Bliss
34.-36. Mermaid Lagoon
37. Tipsy Pixie (Aesir MeaderyStoopid Mystic Forest Gaming)
38. Dwarven Forge (Hawk’s Smithy, Hammered & Twisted)
39. Leprechaun’s Lab

Community Kitchen & Tipsy Pixie

As we expand into the full weekend camping event, we have decided to invest in a publicly available community kitchen, shared with Aesir Meadery, for our participants to use, including grills, fires, and camp-ovens.  We will still have our Stone Soup Potluck as well!





Camping Village (10 x 10 spaces)

–Village camping will be assigned as the date of the festival nears.  If you have specific needs, please include them in your application and will will do our best to accommodate you.

–RVs are welcome, but there are no RV hook-ups or electric

Site Info & F.A.Q.

Size: Over 200,000 square feet (yep, that’s right, ginormous)!

Poop_Fairy1Pets: Totally welcome with Pet-iquette.  Keep them on leashes, and bring your pooper-scooper.

Description: The festival will be located on a big grassy field outlined in the above map, extending back into wooded trails with intermittent stages, hollows and coves for exploring and playing.  Red Hawk Avalon is WELL out of the way of the public, and secluded off the main road.

We will be dividing this field into 2 primary sectors: Fairy Market & Village Camping.

The south end of the festival is banked by a creek (swim at your own risk, no life-guards will be on duty).

Ground: The ground is a field of grass that is frequently used for both camping, vending and other events in general but is still likely to be somewhat bumpy, as it is in a woodland area.  We recommend that you bring a tarp/carpeting to lay down below booths and/or tents for extra protection.

Wind: Wind is anticipated to be little to none.

Electric / Water: We are in the middle of the woods so the will be no electric publicly provided other than for our stage acts.  The Kitchen / Meadery will have bottled water for donations. Potable water should be brought in by participants for their own use.

Load In / Out:  Load in and out will be available all day Friday and all day Monday.  Cars must be off the green by 5:00 pm Friday evening

Burn_Bin2Camping: All camping sites will be first come, first serve.  Fires need to be contained in an above-ground fire pit, or in one of the on-site fire pits.  5 oil-drum burn barrels will be provided for community use.

Security: We do intend to have radioed security but recommend any valuables be personally secured as the event is held-harmless.  Personal property is the ultimate responsibility of the owner.