Location & Map

The Fairyblossom Festival is centrally located in Chehalis, WA.  Our festival will be held on the huge grassy field that is adjacent to Yard Birds: 2100 National Avenue N.

2017 Festival Map of Booths


Craft & Food Merchants

1. Gallifreyan Geek Craft
2. Esha’s Treasures
3. HerCloset
4. LuLaRoe Leggings
5/6. Tupperware
8. LipSense by SeneGense
9. Paparazzi Accessories
11. Perfectly Posh
12a.Damsel in Defense
12b. Camp Dazzle
13/14. Fairy Bliss
15. Waltz Art
17. Keeva the Mermaid / Mermaid Lagoon
19. Hawk’s Forge Blacksmithy
20. Shadolyte Creations
21/22. The Wish Wagon
23. Fairyblossom Gift Shoppe / Information
25. Two Little Pumpkins
26. Tangible Sky
27. Broken Wing Spiritual Counseling
28. Eclectic Treasures & Crafts
29. The Enchanted Face Painter
30. Ageless Treasures
32. Wiley Coyote Designs
33. Origami a la Carte
35. Winter’s Warren
36. Pink Rebecca Chainmaille
37. Deborah’s Trailer Trash
38. Rose Metal Jewelry
39. Accessories of Fae
40. Tinkered by Trade
41/42. Stoopid Mystic Forest
43. Alanor
44. Wasson’s Whimziez
45/46. Crafty Vet
47. Zen by Fire

Food Court

F2/3. Freedom Snacks Gourmet Popcorn
F5. Black Tree Grill
F6. Aesir Meadery

Camping Village (10 x 10 spaces)

C1: Gilded Quill
C2: Gilded Quill
C3: Dragons n Dreams
C4: Security
C5: Security
V1. Gilded Quill
V2. Leonesse
V3. Leonesse
V4. Leonesse
V5. Leonesse
V6. S.Moss
V7. K. Craig
V9. Melsner
V10. P. MKinnion
V11. Waltz Art
V12. Shadolyte
V13. Crafty Vet
V14. Crafty Vet
V15. Camp Dazzle
V16. Pink Rebecca
V17. Goblin Town
V18. DiD
V19. ET&C
V20. TbT
V21. Stoopid Mystic Forest
V22. Gallifreyan Geek Craft
V24. Accessories of Fae
V25. Deborah’s Trailer Trash
V26. A.Juggler
V27. Rose Metal Jewelry
V28. Broken Wing
V29. Zen by Fire
V30. T.Wolf
V31. A. La Fae
V32. Esha’s Treasures
V33. Winter’s Warren
V34. Two Little Pumpkins
V35. DJ Trishy
V36. Keeva
V37. Snowhook
V38. Rashaad

Site Info & F.A.Q.

Size: Over 200,000 square feet (yep, that’s right, ginormous)!

Poop_Fairy1Pets: Totally welcome with Pet-iquette.  Keep them on leashes, and bring your pooper-scooper.

Description: The festival will be located on the big grassy field outlined in the above map.  We will be dividing this field into 2 primary sectors: Fairy Market & Village Camping.

Ground: The ground is a field of thick grass that will be mowed down prior to the event but it is still a bit bumpy.  We recommend that you bring a tarp/carpeting to lay down below booths and/or tents for extra protection.

Wind: Wind is anticipated to be little to none.

Electric / Water: We are in the middle of a big, open field so there is no electric.  Water can be found on across the parking lot, from a spigot in the side of the Yard Birds building.

Load In / Out:  Load in and out will be available all day Friday and all day Monday.  Cars must be off the green by 9:30am

Burn_Bin2Camping: All camping sites will be first come, first serve.  Fires need to be contained in an above-ground fire pit.  5 oil-drum burn barrels will be provided for community use.

Security: We do intend to have radioed security but recommend any valuables be personally secured as the event is held-harmless.  Personal property is the ultimate responsibility of the owner.