Flower Fairy Garden

Flower Fairy Botany Challenge

(Saturday) Hidden among the mossy branches and bracken, tucked into an alcove, flits FaeAna, a bright flower fairy, friend to all in the woods.  Her knowledge of the forest is vast and she invites you to show her what you, too, know.

Can you match the leaves to their associated plant, tree or flower?

This challenge is a part of the Forest Quest, which is available from barkeep at the Tipsy Pixie, or as a part of the Full Weekend Pass.

Game Mechanics

  1. Questers must read the descriptions of various plants, and match correctly match the image to the descriptions.
  2. Upon completion of the challenge, Questers may roll a D10 x (each correct match) to determine the amount of their prize.
  3. Players may earn bonus rolls by using official items purchased at the Fairy Market to increase their prizes OR…
  4. …OR Players may collect a portrait Puzzle Piece to solve the mystery of who stole the King & Queen’s dross (coyne)

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