Mermaid Cove

Lily Pad Mermaid Challenge

(Saturday) Down by Rock Creek river a beautiful mermaid splashes her tail in the water. She is trying to collect lily pads to make a bouquet and could use your assistance.

Using her net, can you gather up a scoop please?  She will trade you for coynes from a deep sea treasure chest!

This challenge is a part of the Forest Quest, which is available from barkeep at the Tipsy Pixie, or as a part of the Full Weekend Pass.

Game Mechanics

  1. Questers will use a net to scoop as many “lily pads” as possible from a kiddie pool and add the points on the bottom.
  2. Upon completion of the challenge, Questers may collect the total number points, in coyne as their prize.
  3. Players may earn bonus scoops by using official items purchased at the Fairy Market to increase their prizes OR…
  4. …OR Players may collect a portrait Puzzle Piece to solve the mystery of who stole the King & Queen’s dross (coyne)


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