Muninn’s Memory

Muninn’s Memory Challenge

(Sunday) CAW! Cries the Raven Muninn, drawing you toward the next challenge.  He is renowned for his memory and wants to test you see how good yours is too!

Pick your memory challenge game and see just how good your recollection is!

This challenge is a part of the Forest Quest, which is available from barkeep at the Tipsy Pixie, or as a part of the Full Weekend Pass.

Game Mechanics

  1. Questers will choose from one of several memory games: Electronic Simon Says, timed Memory Card Matching or the B-Book.
  2. Upon completion of the challenge, Questers may roll a D10 x (each item recalled) to determine the amount of their prize.
  3. Players may earn bonus rolls by using official items purchased at the Fairy Market to increase their prizes OR…
  4. …OR Players may collect a portrait Puzzle Piece to solve the mystery of who stole the King & Queen’s dross (coyne)

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