Online Giveaways

Let us host an online giveaway for your business and help increase your visibility, traffic and customer fan base!



Why run an online Giveaway?
Grow your network. Running a giveaway is a fantastic way to build your social media following on sites like Facebook & Twitter.  
Gain product exposure. Launching your product with a giveaway is an amazing way to generate buzz around your brand. 
Have some fun. Everyone loves the chance of winning! There’s nothing more joyful than delivering the good news to your winners. Giveaways generate buzz from your fans. 
Save money. Running a giveaway can be an inexpensive & cost-effective marketing channel; the cost associated with running a giveaway can be low and predictable. 
Reach New Audience. The combined platforms over which our giveaways are run boasts an audience of over 35,000 viewers!
**Your prize goes straight from you to the winner!**

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