Coupon-Fairy Program

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Coupon-Fairy Book Program

Greetings Vendors and welcome to the Coupon-Fairy Booklet program!  This is a FREE, opt-in fundraising project!

Inside the booklet are coupons with savings at nearly 200 online vendors, renfaire merchants, festival vendors, musicians, artists, small-press authors, an other events & shows.

The program is not unlike the Chinook Book.  You contribute a coupon/code and logo and we do all the graphic design and assemble the entire booklet.

Once ready, the booklet then goes up for sale to public customers.  Since the majority of our participating stores are online we can sell the booklet world-wide, include vendors from all over the globe, and for customers to shop from *anywhere*.

Inside, you will find savings for event tickets, online stores, free gift coupons, drink & meal discounts and savings at small businesses.

Etsy Team!
Etsy Team!

Are you an Etsy Vendor? 

If you’re an etsyian, we have a team on etsy for you to join! Click the Coupon Fairy to the right and she’ll take you to our team site!


Not a Vendor?  You can still participate!

We are always looking for way to get our Book o’Savings into the hands of the public.  If you are an individual looking to raise some extra funds, a team, a troupe, a group or club of any sort…we would love to partner with you sell our booklet!  It will raise money for us both. 🙂

Proceeds of the booklet benefit The Black Knight Society, Dreamhaven Park, and participating vendors.

Nobody does anything alone in this world.  It is our aim to make it beneficial for you and your business.  Help us help you!


In order to get involved, all you need are 3 things:

  1. An online internet store (your own, square, etsy, etc) and/or a physical store front.
  2. To contribute a unique coupon discount for your store, to our booklet
  3. Willingness to include the booklet along with the rest of your store inventory benefits the whole team, but is up to you



Participating 2016 Stores!

Contribute to Dreamhaven now!

Accessories & Jewelry
Best Sin
C & T Jewelry
Caught in the Net
Czarina Batty Moon
DaKara’s Art Creations
Elderberry Hollow Jewelry
Faeries for Nature
Lady Jewel’s Hair Garlands
Living Colored Duct Tape
Melody Moonflower Creations
Occams Edge
Phoenix Art Studio
Some Enchanted Earrings
Thyme 2 Dream
Wild Faerie Magick

Art & Illustration
Alexandra Haley Art
Amy Brown Fantasy Art
Aquariann: Art of Kristin Cornell
Art of Deanna Davoli
Art of Suiter
Brass & Steam Productions
Jasmine Becket-Griffith
Julia Khoroshikh Fine Art
Kevin E. Cain Illustration
Susan Schroder Arts
The Art of Herb Leonhard

Bath & Body
Aroma Rebel Bath & Botanical
Body Butter by Starla
Deni Marie Classique
doTerra Essential Oils
Emily’s Handmade Soaps

Books & Authors
Author Ammie L. Hague
Author Kurtis Bissell
Author Kevin Noel Olson: Eery Tocsin

Brick n Mortar Stores
CCG House
Crescent Moon Gifts
The Dreaming Comics & Games
Gargoyles Statuary
Moddejonge’s Herbals

Cosplay & Geekery
Annika’s Atelier
Attention Span Games
Be a Hero Superhero Masks
CCG House
Phantom Leather
Seams Sew Savage Cosplay
Shy Fox Treasures

Craft & Sculpture
Beyond Mirays
Claude Raymond Designs LLC
Clipso Calipso
Harmonee’s Creations
Savage Dryad Creations
Slightly Unbalanced
Starbrite Candles
The Tinker’s Daughter

Events & Entertainment
Baltimore Faerie Fest
Canterbury Renaissance Faire
Fairyblossom Festival
Her Majesty’s Marketplace
Maryland Faerie Festival
MisCon Sci-fi Fantasy Convention
Oddmall Emporium of the Weird
Riona’s Cave of Treasures
Shankz Black-light Mini Golf
Silver Kingdom Festival
Solvang Faeriefest
Spokane Renaissance Faire
Wenatchee Renaissance Faire
Ye Merrie Greenwood Renaissance Faire

Fashion & Garb
Beauty and Geek
Crude Things
Dramatique Designs
Fox Jaxon Design
Green Fairy Grotto
Ogre’s Den Chain Maille
Stellar Goods
The Mystic Wood
Tree Leaves Oracle

Food & Beverage
Aesir Meadery
Kreative Kettlecorn
The Kitchen Imp

Magic Supply
Crescent Moon Gifts
In Harmony Goddess Tradition
The Gilded Quill
Weaving Oneness

Carbony Celtic Winds
Sherwood Renaissance Singers

Academia Duellatoria
AMC Photography
Asspocket Productions
Brenda the Braider
Joshua’s Divine Light

Final Logo Unconverted Type Black Horizontal

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