Fairyoke Bardic

This year, as a part of our Pennons Tourney, we are hosting a Fairyoke Bardic competition!

A bard is a person who composes and recites epic or heroic poems, often while playing the harp, lyre, or the like.  In the modern day, they may use the violin, guitar or an array of other instruments.

Competition includes singing, dancing, drumming, and other

w/Fairy DJ Trishy!

musical skills and talents. Live Karaoke DJ will be on site providing mics and music so get ready to sing up a storm!

Traditional performances are also highly encouraged so bring your drums, flutes, lutes, guitars, instruments of all sorts and of course your VOICE!

Bardic is open to public and faire performers alike.

Play for King Finvarra & Queen Ounadh. Sing for the crowd and earn Faery Coyne! Who pleases best, wins the test!

Winner of the Bardic will receive a small trophy and ribbon in recognition of their achievement. They will also have the honour of winning points for their chosen court.

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