Pennons Tourney

Who will win: Seelie or Unseelie?

Get in the 2016 Pennons Tourney!

In our 2015 year, the Seelie Court took the Grand Pennon!

Will they keep the Pennon in 2016, or will the Unseelie win the honour for their court??

All attendees to our event are encouraged to participate in the games throughout the weekend.

Games are free for our festival attendees of all ages.



  1. Choose your court: Seelie (Honour & Order) or Unseelie (Passion & Chaos)
  2. Play the Festival Games – Around the faerie glen, you will find a host of games to play. (See more below)
  3. Score! Every game you play earns points for your team.


COSTUME CONTEST: Sponsored by Seattle’s EMP Museum, winners get to attend the Myth & Magic Labyrinth Masquerade Ball!  Cosplay your hearts out!

GAMES OF SKILL: There are several games of skill available for festival attendees to participate in such as the Hedgehog Roll, Sword in the Stone, Apple Barrel Toss and more! Games are “carnival style” and meant for all ages.

KNIGHT-FOR-A-DAY MELEE: Kids become a Knight-for-a-Day and cheer for their team’s Knightly Champion in the sword demos.  Demos are put on by the League of Ancient History.  Who wins the duel, their Court the point!

STONE SOUP POTLUCK: This is the great cook-off!  Whip up your best dish and join our 7pm feast.  The best dish wins the day!

THE BARDIC: Can you play an instrument? Sing? Dance?  Then the Bardic is definitely your competition.  Perform your best round the campfire, or play for King Finvarra & Queen Ounadh. Who pleases best, wins the test!

TREBUCHET PIÑATA HUCK: Teams! Build your best piñata, stuffed with good things, and prepare to launch them at a giant target!  Who is the closest wins the right to rush for the prizes first!

WILL o’WISP WUBBLE BUBBLE BALL: Remember playing “keep the balloon up” as a kid?  Now bigger it!  We’ll have two ball games, one by day and glow by night.  May the best team win!


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