Midsummer Games

Who will win: Seelie or Unseelie?

Get in the 2018 Midsummer Games

In our 2017 year, the Unseelie Court took the Grand Pennon in a crushing victory!

Will they keep the Pennon in 2018, or will the King and his Seelie win the honour??

All attendees to our event are encouraged to participate in the games throughout the weekend.

Games are free for our festival attendees of all ages.


KNIGHT-FOR-A-DAY MELEE: Kids become a Knight-for-a-Day and cheer for their team’s Knightly Champion in the sword demos.  Demos are put on by the League of Ancient History.  Who wins the duel, their Court the point!

STONE SOUP POTLUCK: This is the great cook-off!  Whip up your best dish and join our 6pm feast.  The best dish wins the day!

THE BARDIC: Can you play an instrument? Sing? Dance?  Then the Bardic is definitely your competition.  Perform your best round the campfire, or play for King Finvarra & Queen Ounadh. Who pleases best, wins the test!

THE WILD HUNT: Capture-the-flag fairy-style!  After dark, don neon armbands, glow sticks, bracelets and anything glowy and at the sound of the horn get the other Court’s flag back to your Court’s basecamp first!


  1. Choose your court: Seelie (Honour & Order) or Unseelie (Passion & Chaos)
  2. Play the Festival Games – Around the faerie glen, you will find a host of games to play. (See more below)
  3. Score! Every game you play earns you Faery Coyne. Team with the most Coyne at the end of Fest wins!




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