Fairy Meat Nerf War III


Long ago, fairies were [snip] vegetarians. That all changed when [snip] one day they ate meat. The never-before-tasted substance proved addictive, and soon all fairies, [snip] were carving up all manner of flesh to discover the best tasting.

[Snip] Through a series of unfortunate events it was discovered that the best-tasting meat of all was the meat of the fairy.

[Snip] Fairydom was plunged into war as fairies descended into cannibalistic tribes all out to eat each other [snip] hungering for the flesh of their fellows….

And now for the LARP(ish) version with FBF rules:

–Every player is armed with the nerf weapon of their choice (bring your best, stock-to-light-modification!).
–Each person gets 4 limbs/body parts.
–Nerf war engages for an hour. Every time you get hit, you give up a body part to whoever shot you.
–When you are out of parts, you return to your Court (seelie or unseelie) until time is up
–Court with the most body parts at the end of the hour wins!

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