Fickle Demo Tourney

Fickle Tourney!

Gather a diverse Alliance to win the Fairy Crown! We are excited to bring the stunning fairy world of Amy Brown to life with Fickle, a casual board game of fairy set collection.

Fairyblossom is super excited to be hosting a play test Tournament of this all new game Fickle!

Brought to you by BARD Games you can pre-purchase your own copy WITH Kickstarter-only benefits on their campaign, open until June 18!


You have 5 rounds to win the Ritual of Ascendancy. Outwit your fellow players by manipulating their Fairy Cards. Choose a Fairy Family to gain its power and add it to your scoring Alliance. The winner must gather a single Fairy from each family, or “Shoot the Moon” to win with a single faction.

There will be Prize Baskets for every round, PLUS Fairy Coyne for all participants.

Participation in this game tourney is included with the Full Access Weekend Pass!

FELLING FICKLE? Try your skills at these Puzzles!

Fickle Puzzle – A Logical Choice
Fickle Puzzle – Disorderly Conduct
Fickle Puzzle – Hidden Meanings











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