Flowerbomb Battle III

Did you ever wonder how the Ghillie Dhu,
the Dryads, Gnomes and Flora,
grow meadow plants the special way they do?

They gather in the fields, each team with a banner
Armed with bursting seed pods
to begin the Flowerbomb Battle!

The grains are flung afar as they pelt one another,
And in the dusty chaos the winner
Captures the flag of the other!

The Flowerbomb Battle is a capricious game of Capture-the-Flag!

Two teams – Seelie & Unseelie – take up on opposite sides of the field, each with their flag planted safely behind the rows of defense.

Each player is armed with 4 seed bombs.  These are single tissues with a teaspoon of white flour and a smattering of flower seeds.

At the sound of the horn, teams rush forth to achieve the flag of the opponent! If you are pelted by a flowerbomb, you must remain “frozen” until you are untagged.

Whoever returns the flag of their opponent to their Court liege first wins the battle, and each member of the team is rewarded with Faery Coyne!


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