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Official Page for the 2023 Fairyblossom Festival: Midsummer Games!


Greetings Adventurer – you have found your way beyond the Hedge, at the site of Fairyblossom Festival Midsummer Games!  NO TICKETS NECESSARY!

Join us in 2023 at our beloved forested site at Red Hawk Avalon!

Join us at the Pe Ell,  WA on June 23-25, 2023 for a weekend of camping, LARP, boffer-sword battles, Questing & HEROIC games competitions!  In addition, we will be able to use outdoor seating for our classic Stone Soup Potluck and Fairy-oke on Saturday night, as well as other outdoor grassy areas for NERF competitions & games.

Our events are basic-FREE-entry events, as supplies/availability last.  We offer tiered VIP benefits to those who support FaePro events via subscribing at your level of choice on either Pateon or Ko-Fi.

We believe that it is easier for everyone in the community to chip in a little bit on a monthly basis, rather than drop lump-sums, in order to keep us producing Fairyblossom, Applebash Harvest, Beltane High Tea and Samhain Dumb Supper and our NEW Imbolc Fairylight Convention for 2023Please consider subscribing. 🙂

Our regular vendor Fairy Market will be back again in 2023 for your shopping pleasure as well. We really look forward to seeing you all this year for Fairyblossom Midsummer, and are so glad be outside once more!

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Produced by Fantasy Arts Entertainment (FAE) Productions, we are a family-friendly, weekend festival celebrating fantasy, myth, magic, beauty, craftsmanship, games and art! We aim to encourage community, education, and public works – all through the lens of folklore and fun.