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Official Page for the 2021 Fairyblossom Festival: Midsummer Games INDOORS!


Greetings Adventurer – you have found your way beyond the Hedge, at the site of Fairyblossom Festival Midsummer Games!  NO TICKETS NECESSARY!

This 2021 year we have determined that an outdoor festival is uncertain.  Instead we are going to turtle for an INDOOR Fairyblossom this year!

Join us at the Homewood Suites, Vancouver, WA on June 25 – 27, 2021 for a weekend of indoor board, card, nerf and other indoor-safe games competitions!  In addition, we will be able to use outdoor seating for our classic Stone Soup Potluck and Fairy Court on Saturday night, as well as other outdoor grassy areas for a Boffer competition.

The Homewood Suites Vancouver offers a nice array of indoor, outdoor, and partially enclosed areas that we feel we should be able to maximize the use of in a covid-safe fashion to have a sort of mini-con, if you will.  We also have the advantage of being next to PDX for anyone who would like to fly in for the event.

Because we will not be able to book live vendors, we will optimize the use of the equipment we invested in last year to set up a Virtual Fairy Market!

Funds normally reserved for site-fees are going to be reallocated into renting extra rooms.  We will be auctioning off the extra rooms, for Dross Only, toward the end of May.

We really look forward to seeing you all this year for Fairyblossom, even if indoors – keep your ears perked for news on our Autumn Applebash event for harvest!

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